12V DC Solenoid Contactor Switch 100A

12V DC Solenoid Contactor Switch 100A
Manufacturer part number: BRX12SLD100
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Part Number: BRX12SLD100

The BRX12SLD100 is a 12V DC Solenoid contactor switch, normally open, with working Amperage range between 1A to 100A.
It can be used on applications where high current must be passed direct to a motor (or other device) bypassing a timer or other low current capability switching device. I can be used with any of our timers, or switching device with a minimum output power of 2A.

Minimum Working Voltage: 10.60V DC
Maximum Continuous Current: 100A
Surge Current: 150A

Below is a suggestion installation for this Solenoid when used with a DC Timer. Please note the position of the Solenoid to have a good reference to identify the correct connecting poles.

Solenoid Installation Instructions

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