3 Outlets Independently Programmable AC Timer Switch

3 Outlets Independently Programmable AC Timer Switch
Manufacturer part number: BRX120PTS3W
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Part Number: BRX120PTS3W
 - Three outlet plugs individually programmed.
 - Input Voltage is AC 105-135V 60Hz.
 - Maximum Total Resistive Load is 15A.
 - 24 Hr Programming with a Maximum setting time of 168 Hrs.
 - Time is displayed in military time format (24 Hours).
 - Up to 15 ON and OFF switches per day.
 - Option to program individual days or 3 different weekdays groups.
 - Increments of one minute programming.
 - Easy to read LCD display.
 - Accuracy: less than 0.25 second per day.
 - Operating temperature: -15 +60 C.
 - Size: 160x110x55mm
 - Grounded Timer 3 prong male plug for 110V wall outlet
 - Rechargeable Battery backup: NiH 1.2 Volt DC 100hours +

 - For fish tanks you can have the skimmer on one plug, lights on another and pumps on another plug. All controlled individually with its own schedule.
- For Hydroponics you can control different pumps, lights with different schedules

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