Programmable 12V DC Timer Switch - 15 Amps

Programmable 12V DC Timer Switch - 15 Amps
Manufacturer part number: BRX1224PTS1
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This 7 day digital programmable timer is ideal for use in any 12V DC appliance which requires automation.
It can be configured to switch at up to 6 different times during a 24 hour period. In addition, it can be programmed to operate on a wide variety of days. eg. Daily, Week days only, Weekends only, Every second day, or selected group of days.
The BRX1224PTS1 allows for Switch-on and switch-off times to be set for each program. i.e. allows a different "on" duration for each program.

The timer has three modes of operation. In the "auto" mode, the timer automatically switches at the pre-programmed times. In the "on" mode, the switch is always on regardless of the timer program setting. In the "off" mode, the timer will not switch regardless of the program settings. The mode of operation can only be changed when power is applied to the switch.

In the event of a power failure, the switch retains its program data via a long life rechargeable NiCd battery.

- Voltage:  12V DC
- Max Total Load:  15A Resistive
- Standby consumption:  0.001 A/Hr
- Dimensions: Height 10cm, Width 7cm, Dept 6cm
- 24 Hr Programming from 1 minute to 23:59/day.
- Weekly & Daily Programming.
- Up to 6 events per day for a maximum of 42 ON-OFF events per week.
- Accuracy: less than 0.25 second per day
- Operating temperature: 10 ~+50 C
- Includes two different mounting brackets
- Battery backup: Rechargeable NiCd >100 Hours
- Manual override eliminates the need for an additional helm switch.
- A 15A fuse is strongly recommended for each installation as it will assure a long life for the timer as it will avoid overload of the system.



    A  connects to the Positive   on the 12V DC battery 


    B  connects to the Negative on the 12V DC battery


    A  connects to 2 


    1  connects to the Positive on the Device  


    B  connects to the Negative on the Device

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